Inspection Services

Why inspect?
Every year thousands of homes are attacked by termites or other wood destroying pests and/or organisms. Home owners need to know if these pests and/or organisms are present before buying and/or selling a residence. Therefore, is it wise to have the property inspected by a representative of a certified inspection service who can detect the presence of wood destroying pests and/or organisms and provide a report on his findings.

What does the inspection entail?
A qualified representative from Sunrise Pest Control Inc. will perform the inspection. He inspects all visible areas of the structure which are readily accessible to him. If he finds evidence of an infestation and/or infection, he reports these evidences on a specified form. An inspection may include sounding or probing areas where infestations and/or infections are suspected. The inspection is performed for a nominal fee. The inspector can not see behind walls, paneling, into voids or cinder block walls, or under carpeting.

Who orders an inspection?
An inspection service firm may be selected by the seller or his agent lending institution or buyer, depending on the state's real estate laws or established practice. As a seller and/or buyer, you should be advised as to which company is doing the inspection and, in some cases, as a buyer you can make the selection.

Is the report for termites only?
No! The subterranean termite is the number one wood destroying pest in the United States; hence it's name is often attached to the so-called "Termite Report". There are other wood destroying insects including other species of termites, that may also be included in the report, such as:

  • Drywood Termites- Usually found in southern and southwestern area of the country.
  • Dampwood Termites- Found in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.
  • Beetles- (1)Powder Post Beetles; small beetles whose larvae feed on hardwood such as oak. (2)Anobild Beetles; small beetles whose larvae feed on soft wood such as pine. (3)Old House borers whose larvae feed on soft wood timbers.

Does a certification or termite report guarantee there is no infestation and/or infection?
No! The report gives the finding of a trained inspector who searches for visual evidence of infestation and/or infection in the accessible areas of the structure. It states that infestation and/or infection were or were not found by the inspector in these visible areas. The possibility exisits that the infestation and/or infection may be hidden inside a wall void, beam, or other inaccessible areas.

What if evidence of an infestation and/or infection is found?
"Damage" is an alarming term; it may be superficial or quite extensive. Damage is evidence of infestation and/or infection but evidence may or may not include damage. Our firm makes estimates on the repair of the damage if we feel it is neccessary. All repairs are done by our trained professionals.